About us

Who Is This Superhero And What Is She Fighting For?

The Good Food Fighter's blog and consulting business are dedicated to:

  • Helping consumers understand where their food comes from and why it matters
  • Explaining how food policies get made and how to navigate all the confusing information (and misinformation) out there
  • Giving great tips on what foods and brands to avoid and what to eat instead
  • Being your friend, ally, and advisor on your journey to better health

I want to shine a light on all that is hidden from unsuspecting consumers; to expose harmful products; to explain all the misinformation out there; to put pressure on local stores and restaurants, manufacturers, and the government to eliminate and regulate ingredients that are making Americans chronically ill; to raise awareness about hormones, additives, pesticides, and other toxins in our food supply and environment.

I see well-intentioned parents giving their children food that will eventually lead to disease; children that are having reactions that parents don’t realize are from the food; and, of course, kids who are being fattened up with “non-fat” foods that parents honestly thought were a good idea. I want parents to understand that there is a much better way to eat!

I have tons of ideas on how to get kids to eat veggies and less sugar! Let's start with a card game...

I'm here for you and I want to help.

-your Good Food Fighter